Top Features to Highlight When Renting Your Home: Advice from Vancouver Property Management Experts

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To be successful in Vancouver and BC’s property rental market, you have to have some marketing savvy. Simply posting lack-lustre photos with generic descriptions of your rental property isn’t enough. Renters are on the lookout for important details and features for their future home, and if you don’t showcase these aspects, you could lose out on lucrative passive income.

Vancouver Property Management Expert Advice

Knowing which features to highlight when listing, showing and advertising your rental property can make the difference between a hot listing and a ho-hum one. To help you with this process, we’ve asked our Vancouver property management experts to compile a list of their top features to focus on when renting out your home, and here’s what they came up with:

Location, Location, Location

Ask most tenants in Vancouver and BC what they seek in a home, and they’ll say that location is a top requirement for them—and it’s not hard to see why. The location of your rental plays a critical factor in a renter’s ability to get work, their mode of transportation, their family needs, their recreational activities and social networks. If you don’t highlight features like great walk scores, proximity to beaches, parks, schools, amenities, grocery stores or bus routes, you are losing out on dozens of worthwhile inquiries. For example, many outdoor enthusiasts love being close to popular trails, mountains, beaches, parks and lakes, so it’s important to know your area and what people enjoy doing there.

Even if your property isn’t close to a city core or popular amenities, you can still highlight its location as quiet, peaceful and away from the commotion. Many more remote communities feature unique attractions that pique the interest of different renters, so, wherever your rental may be, don’t forget to talk about its surrounding area.

Kitchens and Bathrooms: Critical for Vancouver Rental Property Success

Your rental property might have a stunning living room, large yard and beautiful crown moulding, but if you show one horrendous picture of a dark, dirty washroom or kitchen and you’ll lose a huge chunk of potential tenants.

Now, more than ever, people are vigilant about clean bathrooms and kitchens, so even if your kitchens and bathrooms are outdated, you must make sure they are sparkling clean and well-lit when showcasing them.

In the kitchen, simple little fixes can make your space so much more appealing, including

  • Changing the lighting (soft, warm lights vs. cold, sterile lights)
  • Deep cleaning grout stains, countertops, ovens, stoves and stove fans
  • Wiping down cabinet exteriors, appliance exteriors and sink areas
  • Replacing moulding caulking, broken faucets or cracked tiles
  • Properly cleaning the floor

In the bathroom, you can

  • Highlight any natural light, open windows, curtains or, if there is no natural light, change light bulbs or lighting fixtures
  • Fix broken faucets, cracked tiling or toilet seats
  • Deep clean tile grout, bath stains and grime
  • Deep clean the entire toilet, inside and out
  • Wipe down mirrors, cabinets and countertops
  • Replace old caulking

These two spaces are all about comfort and hygiene for renters, so you must put people at ease either by taking the time to clean and fix them properly.

Space—Make Your Vancouver Rental Property Roomy

Though smaller property rentals might be lean in square footage, they don’t have to be tight in space. What that means is, you can have a small property that feels huge if you clean up the clutter and space out furniture and core features with care.

There are many interior tips that you can employ to make your space seem larger, including

  • Highlighting all natural light and windows—keep the curtains pulled back and let the light in
  • Putting large mirrors around the room to reflect any natural light
  • Changing the wall colours—light colours make spaces feel larger
  • Clearing out any unnecessary furniture. Tenants will always bring in any extra furniture they need. The basics like a bed, couch and dining table are usually enough for most to start with.
  • Size down furniture to suit the space. Your grandma’s old L-section may be pretty, but it takes up half the room. Invest in a stylish, minimal loveseat instead, and you’ll do your space wonders.
  • When taking photos, use angled lenses to maximize the look of the space. Focus on the roomier areas.
  • Clean any clutter. Get rid of any miscellaneous decorations. Pick only a few that are minimal, simple and statement-making.

Not sure where to start with marketing your rental property? Reach out to one of our experts!

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