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Integrity, Passion and Unmatched Customer Service: That’s What You Get with HostGenius’s Property Management Team

What we do

Long term rentals

6 months or higher

Let us handle your property's rental success in the long-term market. We will list the home, find tenants, vet them, and manage their on-going tenancy. 

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Mid term rentals

1 month or higher

We can manage your home's mid-term rentals by connecting it to corporate travel partners, insurance housing, and relocation rentals.

Beautiful kitchen rented through property management

Short term rentals

1 month or less

We are Vancouver’s largest Airbnb property management company providing an end-to-end solution to hosting.

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What HostGenius provides

Around the clock property management service

24/7 Service

Renting your property can come with a lot of surprises - whether it be late-night property repairs, tenants calling lost keys, or a lot more, we've got your back.

Tenant Screening and Placement

Tenant Screening and Placement

Our goal at HostGenius is to remove the hassle in being a landlord. If your property is currently vacant, we will find you a professional, suitable vetted tenant. 

Property maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repairs

We've got your back when it comes to property maintenance. We have in-house handymen and industry relationships with quality plumbers, painters, electricians, HVAC, and much more! We even have affordable interior designers.

Dedicated rental property account manager

Dedicated Account Manager

As Vancouver's most client-centric property management, we understand the importance of easy communication. That's why we assign an account manager who is your direct point of contact. 

Plus a lot more

A simple way to get started for homeowners new to HostGenius. Everything you need.

  • Non-resident tax remittance
  • Grow-up monitoring 
  • NSF management 
  • Move-in and out inspections
  • Deposit and rent collection 
  • RTB correspondence 
  • Evictions and notice serving 
  • End of tenancy housekeeping 

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What landlords love about HostGenius:

You, as the Landlord, Come First

We are proud to be the most client-centric property management company in Vancouver and BC. We work with you to achieve the rental standards that you set for us, not the other way around.

Quality over Quantity

Most property management companies in Vancouver and BC accept as many rentals as they can. This isn’t cost-effective or safe for the client. We work hard to find the right long-term tenants for your property, carefully selecting residents based on your needs as a landlord. Rest assured, our tenant checking and vetting process is rigorous.

Your Property Is Our Property

We treat every property as if it were our own home. With integrity and meticulous attention to detail, your property gets constant care and attention from our team who perform regular check-ins and check-ups. We only market to and accept vetted, experienced and professional tenants, ensuring your home’s safety at all times. 

We’ll Take Care of Everything

Being a landlord is a full-time job. We handle every detail, from marketing and showings to walkthroughs and tenant calls, so you don’t have to worry or lift a finger.

Why developers choose HostGenius:

Better ROI

Corporate and mid-term rentals see a higher return with increased rental amounts.

Lease before sales

Avoid vacancies before sales by leasing through mid-term rentals.

Easier to sell

Corporate travel leases will have stipulated end-dates, meaning that new home purchasers will know when the unit becomes vacant.

Professional management

We handle every detail, from marketing and showings to walkthroughs and tenant calls, so you don’t have to worry or lift a finger.

What our clients have to say

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property management vancouver
property management vancouver
property management vancouver
property management vancouver

Safety and security

Trust & Safety
Rental property management trust and safety

We treat your property as if it was one of our own. With that mindset, we thoroughly vet every tenant to ensure we are only renting to qualified renters. Our Local staff are available 24/7 by phone for emergencies.

All tenants must pass a rigorous screening checklist, including credit, employment, income and reference checks. 

Strict NO-PARTY and NO-SMOKING policy for all units.

Tenant property insurance

Insurance is important with a rental property. We work with insurance brokers to ensure you get the best option for your rental property.

We also require tenants to purchase their own tenant insurance. 

Network of Professionals
Network of rental property owners

Our network of professionals allows us to connect your home to Vancouver's professionals. We understand than the imperative value of quality tenants, and that's why we introduced numerous benefits to attract high-quality tenants. You can view more information on our home page here

Our featured properties

Vancouver rental property management

246 W 18th Ave, Vancouver

Furnished rental property

983 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Rental property Vancouver Canada

1685 Nelson St, Vancouver

Getting set up

  • Aug 21, 2020

    Connect with Our Vancouver-Based Residential Property Management Team

    Contact us and we’ll give you a thorough review of our Vancouver and BC residential property management services and procedures. With the utmost care and attention to your needs, we’ll answer all of your questions and take the time to cover topics that you’re curious about!

  • Aug 21, 2020

    Getting set up

    Once we’ve covered our policies and procedures, we’ll come to your home and discuss how to best maximize its potential. Paying attention to important factors such as location, size, outdoor space and more, we’ll make sure we assess every area of your property from a marketing standpoint. For most properties, we’ll also take stunning photos that best capture your home’s essence.

  • Aug 21, 2020

    Residential Property Listing and Marketing

    Our network of rental sites and corporate partners give us the edge over the competition. We target and tailor our listings to optimize conversion rates for your target tenant demographics, ensuring only the best prospects end up at your doorstep.

  • Aug 21, 2020

    On-Going Property Management and Support

    We’re proud to provide comprehensive support in all areas, so you don’t have to do any work. From showings, leasing agreements and key-drop offs to home repairs, on-call support and tenant assistance, our team is always available by phone to assist you and your tenants. 

Frequently asked questions

We work fast! When you set a time to meet at your property, we will take photos, head back to the office, and list it on multiple platforms within 24 hours. 

We list on multiple platforms, including Craigslist, Kijiji,, Facebook, Instagram and much more! We also list the property on our website to connect with corporate travellers and tenants who love our service. You can see more on that here.

Our flexible model works well for investors looking to maximize their rental yields. Ever had a vacancy before while searching for a new tenant? We can fill those areas with short-term monthly rentals to our corporate travel partners. 

Many property managements are simply a brokerage with individual property managers working under its umbrella. With HostGenius, every team member works in-house and follow our company's values and mission. You'll want to view our about us page here!

All we require is you commit to us for at least 60 days. After that, if you decide you no longer want our services, you can give notice to end with your property manager. 

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