Long-Term Residential Rentals and Management During COVID-19

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Long-Term Residential Rentals and Management During COVID-19

Property Management Tips and Updates in BC for Long-Term Residential Rental Owners and Managers


Managing and renting out your property for the long term in BC requires you to stay on top of current changes to the province’s health notices, policies and laws—especially in light of COVID-19. There have been many updates to the rules and regulations for long-term rentals, so we’ve compiled a list of the most important ones to be aware of in the coming weeks.

Monitor Capacity Limits at Your Long-Term Rental

Dr. Bonnie Henry announced in late July that the BC government will impose restrictions to limit the number of people allowed on short-term and vacation rental properties, including houseboats and Airbnb rentals. While this notice did not include long-term residential rentals, the public is advised to keep gatherings at any residence limited to low numbers. For short-term rentals, Henry advised, “The number of people is limited to the capacity of the space, plus up to a maximum of five visitors,”—a protocol that should be followed with long-term rentals as well.

Recently, large parties in Vancouver have contributed to COVID-19 outbreaks in the city and officials have warned that individuals who break capacity limits will be fined. Keeping this information in mind, long-term renters and property owners should ensure capacity limits and rules are enforced on their properties. If you own a long-term rental property, make sure you let residents know about the current regulations and ensure you update them regularly on any changes to these rules.


Payment Rules Come into Effect in September

Starting September 1, 2020, tenants will be required to resume their regular rent payments in full. Until this time, landlords cannot issue a Notice to End Tenancy or an Eviction Notice for Non-Payment of rent (unless the tenant had outstanding rent payments prior to March 18th, 2020). Landlords, however, will be able to issue Notice to End Tenancy or Eviction Notices for various other reasons.

Rent increases will also not be permitted until December 2020.


To get the most up-to-date information on BC’s Rental Policies, go to


Enhanced Cleaning Measures During COVID-19

The BC Government has made a list of cleaning practices that Landlords should follow before they rent out their spaces. These recommendations include the following:

  • Increased cleaning of high-touch areas
  • Using household cleaning products that are safe and effective against COVID-19
  • Not mixing ammonia and bleach together or with other cleaners to avoid toxic reactions
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure individual safety when cleaning

Other guidelines can be found at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/housing-tenancy/residential-tenancies/covid-19

A list of COVID-effective cleaners approved by the BC Government can be found here: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/disinfectants/covid-19/list.html

Support for Landlords in BC during COVID-19

There are several ways landlords can receive financial support during COVID-19, including getting a temporary rent supplement which can be paid directly to them.

Specifically, The BC Temporary Rental Supplement (BC-TRS) Program gives renters and landlords assistance of up to $500 a month. The funds are sent directly to landlords after the renters’ applications are approved. This supplement has also been extended throughout the month of August.

Enforcing Social Distancing

As everyone tries to maintain safe levels of social distancing, landlords are now allowed to employ rules that help enforce these measures in a reasonable manner. If you rent a long-term property with multiple renters of different ‘bubbles’ or families, you can consider a re-configured home layout that encourages six meters of distance between individuals.

Long-Term Property and Rental Management Support During COVID-19

If you need help with your property or rental management, HostGenius is here to help. We are up-to-speed with the latest rules and have been successfully renting out our clients’ long-term properties BC-wide while adhering to the latest safety guidelines. Learn more about our long-term property management services here.


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