HostGenius Fall 2020 COVID Safety Plan

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HostGenius remains committed to the health and safety of its clients, community and employees.
Through our COVID-19 planning, we are dedicated to continuing to provide our exceptional service to
our clients, supporting our community and maintaining the highest standards of health and safety for
our guests and employees.

● To protect the health and safety of our valuable clients, guests, and employees
● To reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community
● To support frontline workers and others during the COVID-19 pandemic
● To establish protocols to ensure a safe environment for our clients, guests and employees
● To continue to offer exceptional HostGenius service
● To establish a safe and efficient working environment for our team to ensure seamless delivery
of our services
● To implement procedures to reduce contact between persons (social distancing), reduce
exposure to fomites (enhanced cleaning protocols) and reduce exposure to respiratory droplets
(barriers and masks wearing)
● To develop a COVID Safety Plan in compliance with the Order of the Provincial Health

● Reaffirm our commitment to supporting the community through COVID-19 by offering
priority rentals to frontline workers and persons needing to self-isolate
● We will continue to offer support to hosted frontline workers and those self-isolating by
organizing grocery deliveries, socially distanced check-ins, essential services etc.
● Ensure an enhanced cleaning protocol in all of our properties, including blocking days
between reservations when possible, and mandating masks for all housekeeping staff while
they are on location
● Continue to remind guests of and enforce Provincial Health Orders including mandates on
occupancy limits, self-isolation requirements and prohibitions of events or gatherings
● Continue to collect contract tracing information from guests and their visitors, and provide
them to Public Health services if requested

● Strongly encourage that all meetings be conducted virtually; including business meetings,
home viewings, interviews, etc.
● For all meetings that are unable to be conducted virtually, mandate that masks be worn for the
duration of the meeting and at all times when adequate social distancing is not possible
● Mandate mask wearing for all on-site visits, including contractor appointments, home
viewings, key handovers etc.
● Limit visits to the HostGenius Main Office by non-HostGenius employees to emergency or
essential visits only
● Encouraging a work from home options for HostGenius employees, when appropriate
● Implement a supportive work from home and time off policy in case an employee suspects
they may be ill or developing symptoms of COVID-19
● Mandate testing for all employees who display symptoms of COVID-19
● Encourage physical distancing of in-office employees, including the use of physical barriers
and separate rooms when social distancing is not possible
● Implement daily sanitization of high-contact office areas including, but not limited to door
handles, electronics, water dispensers etc.
● Implement occupancy limits for the HostGenius office and associated breakout rooms
● Strongly encourage regular sanitization by employees of any high contact surfaces after their
● Mandate sanitization of all common contact surfaces after a visit to the HostGenius office by a
member not in the HostGenius cohort
● Strongly encourage regular hand washing and hand sanitizer use by employees
● Strongly encourage preventative hygiene measures by employees including coughing and
sneezing into one’s sleeve, hand washing before eating, etc.
● Strongly encourage all employees to receive a flu shot, if possible
● Strongly encourage all employees to wear a mask in public spaces and during everyday life
when social distancing is not possible
● Employees will minimize contact they have with high-risk population groups, including
elderly and immunocompromised persons
● Employees will monitor their own personal bubble and reduce the number of contacts,
contact intensity and contact duration, mindful of how their exposure affects those they work
with and vulnerable members of their respective bubbles



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