Flooring Tips for Vancouver Rental Properties

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What Our Vancouver Property Management Experts Recommend

There are many reasons why you might want to consider investing in new flooring for your rental property. For many tenants, it’s one of the first things they’ll notice upon entering your rental, and if it’s in rough shape, your chances of charging higher rent become slimmer.

The good news is that these days, many economical flooring options look great. With advances in technology, most of them are durable and easy to replace, which is ideal for rental units, as they tend to endure more wear and tear over the years with multiple tenants. To help you get started with choosing the right flooring option for your rental, here are a few suggestions from our Vancouver property management experts:

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for many Vancouver rental properties because of its durability and wide range of aesthetically pleasing styles. Frequently, landlords will choose laminate planks that look like hardwood to give their spaces high-end appeal without the high-end price tag. In fact, today’s laminate options appear to be no different from the high-end materials they try to imitate, whether it’s hardwood or stone. The average tenant also won’t be able to tell the difference between laminate and the real thing upon first glance. This is a huge bonus when taking marketing photos or when making a strong first impression during a showing.

Laminate flooring is easy to install. These days, you have click-lock designs or attached underlayment systems that are fast and simple to manage. Due to its melamine resin and fibre board composition and heavy-duty laminate coatings, it is exceptionally durable to scuffs, scrapes and water—especially when given an extra topcoat or finish.

For those who worry about replacement costs, laminate makes a solid choice. If there are ever major leaks or physical damage to your rental, laminate planks and tiles are easy to replace and install—meaning that you won’t have to re-do the entire floor—you can just replace the damaged section. Similarly, if you allow pets in your rental, laminate weathers scratching and urine damage well.

Vinyl Tiles, Sheets and Planks

Similar to laminate flooring, vinyl tiles and planks come in a variety of modern styles and patterns that look like more expensive flooring options, such as tile, hardwood, concrete or marble. For installation options, you can find easy peel-and-stick or click-lock varieties that make for quick work.

Landlords often choose vinyl to simulate tiled flooring in bathrooms because it is exceptionally water-resistant. Its composition and feel also imitates tiling well, without the cold feeling or high slipping danger. However, for bathrooms, experts recommend sheet vinyl, as it has fewer seams and thus more water protection.

Repainting Existing Wood

If you have old hardwood flooring, a few coats of fresh paint and varnish can have it looking like new in less than a few days. With proper sanding, primer, topcoats and sealant applications, your flooring can last a long time too. Many landlords with homes that have carpet on top of hardwood bases opt to remove the carpet and refinish the wood that’s underneath. This choice is a bit more labour intensive, but statistics show that units with hardwood floors generally succeed in generating higher rents.

Practical Flooring Tips from Our Vancouver Property Management Experts

  • Consider the investment and long-term value of your flooring. Hardwood is more expensive and requires more care, but lasts longer and creates a higher-price point for many rentals
  • Consider the tenants and their uses for the floor. Do your tenants have kids or pets? Do they wear their shoes indoors? Minor details determine how quickly your floor will wear and tear. If you want to ensure it remains well cared for, choose responsible tenants and educate them on how to keep the floor in condition.
  • When re-flooring, consider the fact that rooms with one material throughout look bigger than those that have different materials and patterns within the same room. If you want to make your rooms look large, stick with one flooring material.
  • Will you be able to easily replace or repair your flooring if it gets damaged? Insurance may cover the costs, but the inconvenience in time can be a major headache.

Have a rental property in Vancouver that could use some expert guidance? Contact our team of veteran Vancouver property management professionals to see how we can help!

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